Twitter Queen of Wageningen University

Yes, it has happened. I’m a Queen! Well, ok, merely a Twitter Queen, but details details details…

So, to give the whole story: apparently a social media survey showed that I’m one of the most influential Twitter users from Wageningen University. That sounds pretty awesome, but as I also indicated during the interview (yes, I was even interviewed about it!), it isn’t really difficult given the (unfortunately) small number of Twitter users from the university. You can read the interview below.

I’m still convinced that we as students and employees of WUR should be less modest and actively seek the spotlights. Sometimes we don’t realize how great the things are that we ourselves consider as normal. And sometimes, we’re just modest. Come on people, there’s nothing wrong with rightful pride, don’t wait until others point out that you did something pretty interesting!

Man, starting to feel like an ambassador after all ;-)