Canan Ziylan, the Wageningen UR alumna

A while ago, you could find a piece about me as a Nutrition & Health alumna; from this week onward, you can read something about Canan Ziylan, the Wageningen University alumna, too!

I’m always glad to help Wageningen UR, especially if it’s as easy as just telling what I did during my studies and currently do during my PhD study. It’s a great idea to just ask alumni about their current jobs and activities. No better way to show the diverse routes throughout the world that everyone took, while they all started here in tiny Wageningen. Or, made a pit stop in Wageningen, and went back to their homes all around the world.

Reading the different testimonials, the mission of Wageningen UR really stands out.

To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.

What you do directly influences the health care structure. This makes it socially relevant and that gives me a lot of energy. (Ilse Pastoors)

I am committed to promoting social, green and child-friendly neighbourhoods. Because places where children play are also pleasant places for others. (Anne Koning)

The work is very diverse; on the one hand, you do research, but you also make information available for farmers, so that they will be able to work with the results. (Natasja Poot)

That’s not a coincidence, as we are all trained and maybe even molded to always aim to improve quality of life, one way or the other. Still, the funny thing is that during our interviews (at least during mine), we were never instructed to explicitly say something; we just told what we do and what drives us in our work. However, bear in mind that the delivered testimonials are prooooooobably a little bit positively biased towards Wageningen UR, but hey, response bias will always be an issue in things like this ;-)

Hopefully our testimonials will give everyone an insight in our daily activities, our life after Wageningen UR. Or like in my case, my life at Wageningen UR!