Wageningen World: Powerfood for seniors

I’m used to interview others for my research, but this time, I was the one being interviewed! For Wageningen World, our magazine for alumni and relations, Astrid Smit interviewed me about my research on protein-enriched meals. As any researcher, I loooove talking about my study, so I was on a roll for almost an hour. Astrid managed to make some sense of all the things I said and wrote them down soooo eloquently. Colleagues of mine were also interviewed, which eventually led to this final article, which gives a very nice overview of our research on nutrition and older adults (btw, Dutch version here).

I very much like the way it turned out, especially because Astrid made it so clearly understandable for everyone. Of course I write about my own research too, and (will) publish scientific articles about it, but I can’t manage to make it as concise and appealing as science journalists can. Obviously, their conciseness sometimes leads to the lack of nuance, which annoys us researchers because we simply adore nuance, but I’m convinced that great science journalists can even handle that! That’s why I would like to use this opportunity to give a special shout-out to my favourite science journalists, Aliëtte Jonkers, Asha ten BroekeEnith Vlooswijk, and Ana Karadarevic, and many others. Thank you for making science so accessible for all of us!