Interview in Deniz Dergisi – Past Present Future

In October 2015, I was interviewed for Deniz Dergisi (a Dutch-Turkish magazine) after a kind invitation from the editor, Volkan Akdağ. It was very kind of him to show interest in my PhD project and wanting to share it with others, which was the reason for this interview. We’ve talked about my education throughout the years, what I do now, and what I want to do after my PhD. While it was easy to talk about the past and the present, I found it hard to think about the future. Because yes, what IS it exactly that I want to do after this?? I have always known what I wanted to do during my education, but now I’m facing the working life, I’m hesitant.

When you get your PhD degree, it feels like you can do anything, but that’s not entirely true. You still have to stick to your own discipline, more or less, and you’re still bound by the opportunities that are available at that time. Although you might say that you have to make your own opportunities, you really don’t have that much time for it during the finalization of your PhD project. That’s what I told Volkan, too, and that’s one of the topics that will be printed in Deniz Dergisi, which is very awesome! It wil be published in Turkish, but I will provide a summary when it becomes available :-)

For now, a summary of the super cool pictures that were taken by Seyma Altinkaya as part of the interview. I even made the front cover, what an honor!!