From low-education parents to high-education children

Once again in the spotlights, but not about my research this time! It’s an article in the Dutch paper Volkskrant, about highly educated children whose parents are not-so-highly-educated, and I got quoted two times (see excerpts below).

The starting point for the article was a study that showed that the (low) education level of parents negatively affects the school career of their children. So Volkskrant was curious about the reasons for such children to “overcome” this “handicap” and it looked for people who wanted to contribute to this story. Obviously, I was interested as always ;-)

The ones who know me personally, also know that I’m a positive person and that I like to think in opportunities. It sounds SOOO cliche, I know, but it’s really true!! So that was exactly my contribution to the article. I never experienced my parents’ education level as a shortcoming, or our non-Dutch background. If anything, it’s of added value! It partly made me the person I am today, being able to level with anyone, standing in anyone’s shoes, even in the elderly’s as a young person. As I also mention in the article, I’m very grateful to my parents and grandparents, who had to overcome real handicaps and struggles, which I never had to endure. It didn’t make the article, but I also mentioned my gratitude towards the many teachers in my life, who motivated my throughout my education. I try to make the best of all the possibilities I get and be the best me. It’s sounds like backdoor bragging but I still like it to be said, and hopefully stimulate others around me to do the same…. because you’re worth it :-)


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