This is the end, beautiful friend

Sorry for the super melancholic title but it reflects my current mood so well that I had to go for it… Remember that I wrote this blog 2 years ago, when I was exactly halfway through my PhD project? Well today, my friends, is my last day being officially linked to Wageningen University as a PhD candidate. End of a stage of life of 10 years starting from my bachelor in 2006!

Although I’ll still be around for a couple of months as I will defend my PhD thesis here on December 9th, it definitely feels like an ending to me. I feel sad because I fully enjoyed my time here, but I also feel happy because I’m ready for new adventures with my backpack filled with experiences from Wageningen. I can’t express how much I appreciate everyone I encountered and everything I learned here at my alma mater. Oh wait. Actually, I can and regularly do so, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if I come back here again after new adventures :D

Regarding the #1 question in my FAQ of the last months: I’m not sure yet where I will do what hereafter. I hope to have more time to think about my next job now I will drown in aaaaaaall that spare time after handing in my thesis. But I bet my new adventure will involve older adults, research, and education, as some habits die hard and survive every stage of life ;-)


On to the next step!

PhD thesis Canan Ziylan